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Program choices – too many to mention – whatever your selected program is – we will find you the right university via our vast portfolio of universities.


This is your next step after completing high school. It’s usually your first University or tertiary degree such as an associate or Bachelor’s degree. This must be completed before considering any postgraduate programs. Undergraduate students may study a huge range of subjects, basically embarking on the first level of university studies into any subject that is studied or taught at university level – which is pretty much everything and anything!

Undergraduate students can be almost any age, but the majority of undergraduate students are in their late teens and early twenties and have usually come straight from school or after taking a year or two away from their studies to travel or work. However, many students are taking their first undergraduate degrees as mature students or are changing career directions with an undergraduate degree. This means there is no upper limit to the age that an undergraduate student can be.

Certificate programs

These types of programs are often available via extension or continuing education departments. Via this route classes are smaller, this is to gain more individual support opposed to joining large lecture halls, thereby guaranteeing a solid foundation to the program.

Online studies

Whether you are an Undergraduate student starting out or wish to upskill yourself to climb the corporate ladder, we have the ideal program to help you, all of which can be studied in the safety of your own home.

Foundation pathway programs

Students whose grades might not meet the entry criteria for their chosen University, can start their studies in either January or September each year via a Foundation/Pathway Route which is normally taught on the University campus in smaller classes. This provides students an excellent grounding and smooth transition from school to University life and helps them familiarize themselves with the new country they have chosen for their studies. Students starting their foundation program in January can progress to Year 1 of their selected program in September the same year.

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